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Become an Athlete

Athlete Registration


Potential Athletes Must: 

  • Be identified as having an intellectual disability or a closely related developmental disability.
  • Be eight years of age or older.
  • Be registered with the SOSD State Office
  • Complete mandatory training requirements.
    • 15 hours training 8 weeks prior to competition (15 games instead of 15 hours for bowling)
  • Submit the appropriate registration materials by the designated due dates for each.

Get Involved

Athletes compete as part of a Local Delegation.  Local Delegations are located in many communities throughout the state of South Dakota.  Find a Local Delegation near you to get started (Note you are not limited to those listed). Additional information for athletes can be found at:

Athlete Sports Rules Handbooks

Athletes, for you to perform at your best, you need to know the rules of the sports you are playing.