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Basketball has players of all ages and abilities, from players learning to handle the ball and keep it under control while dribbling to more experienced players who compete as teams.

Participants will be divisioned by Special Olympics South Dakota by the following divisions: Senior – 22 years & older, Schoolers – 16-21 years, and Junior – 8-15 years; male, co-ed, or female; and by ability.

This sport offers a Unified option. This gives individuals both with and without intellectual disabilities a chance to compete on the same team. This sport also offers Individual Skills, which gives lower-ability or new athletes a chance to compete and showcase the skills they are learning in that sport.

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Events Offered

  • Team Basketball: 5-on-5
  • Unified Team Basketball: 5-on-5
  • Individual Basketball Skills Contest: target pass, 10m dribble, spot shot
  • Team Basketball Skills Contest: contest is made up of two halves consisting of five rounds each, each player on the five-member team attempts to catch the ball and throw it accurately to the player in the next position, last person on the free throw line will attempt to shoot

Competition Season

Basketball competition season takes place from January through March.

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Upcoming Basketball Events

2025 State Basketball Tournament

icon of a basketball player.March 21, 2025 - March 23, 2025
Mitchell, SD United States + Google Map