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Meet Melissa!

Meet Melissa! 🥇

Melissa is 46 years old and was born in Watertown. She moved to Spearfish in 1980. She participates with the Special Olympics Spearfish Peaks and has been with Special Olympics every year since 1986!

Her sports are cheerleading, swimming, athletics, bocce, and bowling.

Outside of Special Olympics, Melissa enjoys listening to 50’s & 60’s music and putting puzzles together. She also works at the Nutrition Site in her apartment building.

Her first favorite memory would be her second year in Special Olympics, a girl was going up the steps at Howard Wood Stadium and she had three medals around her neck. As she took a step they would clank. That caught Melissa’s attention and from that point on she has made it a goal to work hard to earn at least two medals so she can CLANK!

Over the last 37 years, she has earned 300 medals!!!

Her second favorite memory would be going to the International Special Olympics held in New Haven, Connecticut in 1995. She competed in gymnastics where she received 7th in Balance Beam, 4th in Vault, and 3rd on the Floor Routine. She was able to see Eunice Kennedy Shriver at Opening Ceremonies.

With the help of Special Olympics and learning good food choices she has lost over 60 pounds!!!

If you see Melissa at an event, be sure to ask her about all of her medals!

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