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Meet Jaren!

Meet Jaren! 🏃‍♂️

Jaren grew up in Sioux Falls! He has three brothers and graduated high school in 2022. He is with the Sioux Falls Lancers delegation and competes in basketball, athletics, swimming, powerlifting, softball, bocce, and bowling. Jaren has been with Special Olympics for 11 years.

When he’s not participating in Special Olympics year-round, he enjoys running, acting, and LEGO sets/bricks. He has been involved in theater since he was 9. The first show he did was with Lifescape.

His favorite Special Olympics memory would be his first 400-meter race. He kept falling every 30-50 meters, but he still finished. That was when he realized that without pain there is very little success not only on the track, but in real life, as well.

He wants to know if you want to volunteer for Special Olympics to act and do it! He says that the athletes and himself will appreciate you being there!

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