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Meet Tanner!

Meet Tanner! 🏃

Tanner is 27 years old and lives in Parkston with his mother. He competes in athletics, softball, swimming, and basketball. He has been involved with Special Olympics South Dakota for about 18 years. He is with the Mitchell delegation!

He loves to meet new people in Special Olympics, he likes to have fun win or lose, handshakes, and hugs all around!

Outside of Special Olympics, Tanner hangs out with his nieces and nephew and friends. He also enjoys watching YouTube and different shows.

Tanner works at Vermeer in Freeman and has been there almost 5 years.

His favorite Special Olympics memory was when he competed in the 2018 USA Games in Seattle in athletics. He participated in the pentathlon and got 3rd place. He also competed in the 4X100 relay and got 2nd. If he could go back to nationals, he would!

He wants everyone to know that they can say hi to him anytime!

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