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A Letter From Gunner

By Gunner Sanderson

Dear Chad,

Gunner Sanderson smiling and holding a bowling ball in front of a bowling lane.Hi, my name is Gunner Sanderson.  I am 15 years old and am a sophomore in Clark High School.

I have Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.

I have had 27 surgeries in my life.

I had a Pectus Bar put in my chest last December.  So, I missed last year’s basketball and summer Olympics.

I like Special Olympics because I get to play sports and make new friends.

I compete in bowling, basketball, soccer, shotput, long jump, and running events.

Before Special Olympics I did not get to play sports and I had no friends, now I have both.

Gunner Sanderson and friends smiling together at a bowling alley.

The person who impacted me the most is my high school principal, Mr. Hartley.  He is my best friend.

I like being in the Boy Scouts.  We get to go camping.

Getting to go to Special Olympics makes me feel like everyone else. 

I like unified sports because it makes normal kids understand that I am a little different but I am still a kid, just like them.

Your friend,
Gunner B. Sanderson

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