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Meet Victor!

Meet Victor! 🥇

Victor is 31 years old and has two kids named Noah and Kylee. His son Noah takes part in Special Olympics and bowls.

Victor is part of the Hub City Express delegation and competes in bocce, bowling, basketball, athletics, and softball, and is a soccer skills coach, as well as part of the Athlete Leadership Council. He loves it when the athletes ask him questions and he will answer them with the best of his knowledge.

He has been with Special Olympics since 6th grade and took a break at 21 and joined back in 2019.

Outside of Special Olympics South Dakota, Victor enjoys hanging out with people and making new friends, playing Xbox, being with family, and working at Buffalo Wild Wings.

His favorite Special Olympics memories are when he went to Nationals in 2010, being part of the Athlete Leadership Council, and being on the Basketball Committee.

At events, you can find him on the dance floor doing the griddy and just enjoying the atmosphere at events.

If you want to ask Victor any questions, be sure to come up to him at Fall Classic!

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